The 4 Bases to Better Relationships

It's something just about all of us struggle with at one point or another: cultivating deeper relationships.

It's something just about all of us struggle with at one point or another: cultivating deeper relationships.

In his new book, The Alphabet Habit, pioneering business executive Alan Wise offers practical strategies to enhance our personal and work connections — using America's past time as the roadmap. 

First Base: History

In baseball, Wise writes, everyone wants to get a hit and reach first base. Completely understanding someone's history allows us to recognize and appreciate his/her background, thus establishing a frame of reference for us to continue building upon.

Second Base: Affirming common interests

By sharing daily routines, life habits and commonalities, we affirm a genuine friendship. Second base, according to Wise, is often where some never leave, as it simply becomes too comfortable for both parties. But when people reach for advancement, they further the relationship by bringing out the best in each other.

Third Base: A covenant

This is where commitment occurs within the framework of the relationship. According to Wise, it entails sharing our experiences with tough times, hardships and unmet expectations. The relationship bonds together as each party commits to being on the journey and helping one another work through the challenges. Getting to third base is hard and requires being vulnerable, authentic, and most of all, honest.

Home Run: Dreams

A home run in developing relationships is where hope and dreams are the most potent forces ever conceived.

Dreams for ourselves, our kids and our community.

Dreams that sound crazy but still occupy real estate in our brains.

Dreams that are often never shared with anyone else, but when revealed, unveil a partnership in making them a reality. Because we have reached home, we now work together in unison.

We all say we want deeper and more intimate relationships. But only when we fully understand the value of a home run over a double can we act on Wise's advice. 

That's the way to really put runs on the board. 

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