Returning to the Present

Realize acceptance is underrated. Forgiveness is overlooked. And true humility is misinterpreted.

Two of the greatest days are the day we are born and the day we figure out why we're on Earth.

Our society tends to put an immeasurable amount of pressure on the latter, making us lose sight of the opportunities of today. 

We often try to rush and shortcut our self-discovery journey to appear on the surface as if we have it all together. As leaders, sometimes we get so caught up in being "the best version of ourselves" that we don't properly assess what that version is.

Not knowing who that person is yet is okay. After all, how can we know if we haven't arrived?

But more importantly, is there even a point of arrival?

The self-discovery, self-discipline and self-leadership journey is a marathon, and the consistency of our daily actions is the roadway of our lives.

Society and our ego tell us we have to know more, do more, and be more to simply be enough. Yet our enoughness is our birthright and becomes a manifestation of how we live, why we live, and in the manner in which we live. No matter how much self-growth and personal transformation we achieve, there will always be more things that we do not know but need to know. Giving ourselves grace, clarity, connection, and the freedom to let go of who we think we're supposed to be to instead embrace and celebrate who we are is a gift we can give ourselves and those we lead. Realize acceptance is underrated. Forgiveness is overlooked. And true humility is misinterpreted.

As we embark on today, understand tomorrow is not promised. The only destination is the here and now. Breathing and allowing ourselves to truly feel at home in the present moment, no matter how dark, confusing or unstable the tides appear on the surface, enables us to reimagine joy and reframe the narrative of arriving at a destination point that may not even exist. 

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