"Notes" of An Elder

Worry will not drain tomorrow of its troubles. It will merely drain you of your strength today.

Nothing in life is of any value unless it is shared with others.

"Notes" of An Elder is a depository of pertinent information, knowledge and wisdom. Available weekly will be an elder's "thinking menu" for your use. Enjoy this bounty.

  • You are your biggest investment.
  • The essence of coaching lies in helping others and unlocking their potential.
  • The richest human isn’t the one who has the most but who needs less. Wealth is a mindset.
  • “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” ― Andre Gide
  • Train yourself not to care about money ― focus on providing value.
  • Bad things happen to everyone. But life isn’t about what happens to you ― it’s about how you proactively respond.
  • Every goodbye you receive in life sets you up for an important hello.

Daily Questions

  • Did I live?
  • Did I love?
  • Did I give?
  • Did it matter?
  • Worry will not drain tomorrow of its troubles. It will merely drain you of your strength today.
  • “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” ― Ken Robinson
  • Knowledge can keep you stuck in the past. Knowledge can keep you limited to what you think is possible. Imagination allows you to think outside of the box of your current worldview.
  • Life doesn’t reward you for what you know but for what you do.
  • Protect your reputation like it’s the most valuable asset you own because it is.
  • To succeed, you need to keep learning new things.
  • Don’t say yes so often that it loses what makes it special.

Magic Question

What am I not doing that I probably should?

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