"Notes" of An Elder

Your real job is to create more leaders, not more followers, when you lead.

Nothing in life is of any value unless it is shared with others.

"Notes" of An Elder is a depository of pertinent information, knowledge and wisdom. Available weekly will be an elder's "thinking menu" for your use. Enjoy this bounty.

  • Saying "no" is the biggest form of self-care.
  • The worst thing you can do with disappointment is live with it.
  • You have to turn your back on the crowd to lead the orchestra.
  • Not yet means no.
  • Often times it doesn't matter what you are doing, but who you are doing it with.
  • People don't buy what they need. They buy what they want.
  • Your real job is to create more leaders, not more followers, when you lead.


  • Time
  • Love
  • Talent
  • Money
  • Knowledge
  • When you are doing research, you don't have an opinion. You are in search of an opinion.
  • Just because someone is good to you doesn't mean they are good for you.
  • The world doesn't judge you by what you think but by the actions and risks you've taken.
  • Productivity isn't about doing more things. It's about doing the right things.
  • We need to make the world more human.
  • Four most important words in leadership: What do you think?
  • Question everything. Yesterday was interesting but irrelevant.

Magic Question

What if 60% of what you know is wrong?

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