Sunday Thinking

"Gratitude practice is about finding simplicity in the moments we often miss. It's an antidote to the rush, a sanctuary of stillness."

The weekly Sunday Thinking newsletter is quick-hit content that aims to provide a booster shot to your thought process as you end and start your week.

"We live in a culture that only wants to talk about what's going well. Anything that's not going well is positioned as a detour from the main road. The truth is that pain is not a detour from the main road. Pain is part of the road we walk as human beings."

― Susan Cain, Bittersweet

Image by Netho Oliveira

I. Leaning Into Joy

Joy is deeply vulnerable.

  • We're afraid to lean into joy because something might rip it away and we'll get sucker punched by disappointment or pain.

But there's a way to stay in joy:

  • When we feel that quiver of vulnerability, instead of dress-rehearsing tragedy and waiting for the other shoe to drop, let that shudder be a reminder to practice gratitude.

Source: Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

II. Conquer the Day

Daily reminders for us:

  • Overthinking —> Write

  • Uninspired —> Read

  • Scared —> Take one risk

  • Stuck —> Walk

  • Tired —> Sleep

  • Confused —> Ask

  • Frustrated —> Move

  • Burned out —> Day off

  • Impatient —> Review progress

  • Unmotivated —> Remember your "why"

Source: Greg Isenberg, Co-Founder/CEO of Late Checkout

III. Embrace the Uncharted Territories

Every day that I commit to growing and becoming better, I commit to being wrong about what I thought I knew and being willing to find peace in a new direction.

  • Growth requires shedding and grieving.

  • Growth requires discomfort and self-trust.

  • Growth requires love and rest.

  • Growth makes space for healing to happen.

  • Growth makes space for forgiveness.

  • Growth makes space for bravery.

  • Growth makes space for new beginnings.

Source: Alex Elle, Growing through Grief and Gratitude

IV. Question

What do you think this period and season in your life is trying to tell/teach you?

V. This Week, I Will

  1. Prioritize peace.

  2. Prioritize discipline.

  3. Prioritize patience.

  4. Prioritize consistency.

  5. Prioritize my mental health.

The Last Words…

“As we enter a new month, let us remember that journaling is not just about the words we write but the intention we infuse into them. It's about the meaning of each word, the whisper of thanks we get when the days feel dark or lonely. Grateful living is a testament to our resilience, our ability to find inner calm amidst external chaos, and our commitment to living wholeheartedly.”

― Alex Elle, Gratitude Journal