Sunday Thinking

"Mastery requires patience and intentionality."

The weekly Sunday Thinking newsletter is quick-hit content that aims to provide a booster shot to your thought process as you end and start your week.

"The calling upon your soul is to uncover and activate your wonderful uniqueness and to live in the full expression of it. Your life-quest is not about getting or acquiring. It is about remembering, activating, and realizing your true innate being. Your life practice is one of practicing the art of letting go. You are encouraged to learn to let go of worry, to let go of doubt, to let go of resentment, and to let go of the old non-testimonial stories that you use to define you."

― Michael B. Beckwith, The Art of Letting Go

Image by Eriza Moonlıgtt

I. Leadership by Design

Leaders are not born. They’re made.

  • There's no such thing as a natural leader.

  • Everyone starts out with shortcomings as well as strengths.

Leadership potential doesn't depend on the traits you possess. It emerges from the values you choose and the skills you learn.

Source: Adam Grant, Hidden Potential

II. The Art of Perspective

Reframing your perspective is a powerful move.

  • When you feel stuck or resistant, pause and look for the upside.

  • Shifting your thinking from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this" engages curiosity.

This turns every experience into a chance for growth, wisdom, and understanding.

Source: Cory Allen, Now Is the Way

III. Beyond Worthy

We're all just looking for confirmation:

  • That who we are is right

  • That who we are is okay

  • That who we are is meant to be

Here's me confirming to you:

  • Who you are is more than right

  • Who you are is more than okay

  • Who you are is more than meant to be

Being you is enough. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. You don't have to defend where you are. You are where you are, and that is where you need to be right now.

Source: Jacqueline Whitney, Beyond Worthy

IV. Question

How can you better integrate gratitude and joy into your daily habits?

V. This Week, I Will

  1. Keep evolving.

  2. Let everything flow.

  3. Feed my soul, not my fears.

  4. Find confidence in patience.

  5. Focus on what is in front of me.

The Last Words…

"I hope you nurture the curiosity in your life. I hope you have the self-compassion to embrace any moments of confusion, using them as opportunities to evolve amidst whatever challenges you encounter. I hope you remember that many things can be true at once. You can be grateful for growth and grieving through life's changes."

― Alex Elle, Gratitude Journal