Sunday Thinking

"Dear Self, I'm so glad you didn't let fear keep you from growing."

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"It will be incredibly tempting to invest every extra hour of​ ​time or ounce of energy in whatever activity yields the clearest and most immediate evidence that we've achieved something. Our careers provide such evidence in spades.​ ​But there is much more to life than your career. The person you are at work and the amount of time you spend there​ ​will impact the person you are outside of work with your​ ​family and close friends​. ​In my experience​ ​high-achievers​ ​focus a great deal on becoming the person they want to​ ​be at work​ ―​ ​​and far too little on the person they want to be​ ​at home."

― Clayton M. Christensen, How Will You Measure Your Life

I. Making Space to Grow

Make space for all parts of you:

Joy. Grief. Fear. Love

Breathe into them.

Relax in your wholeness.

Presence can hold all of you. 

Source: Cory Muscara, Stop Missing Your Life

II. Journey In Grace

"The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us. Journey wisely."

  • Small steps, every day, will add up. 
  • Short-term discomfort for long-term peace.
  • Pick your path: Work and burnout or work and rest.
  • I am not what happens to me. I am what I choose to become.
  • Don't get caught up on what could have been. If it should have been, it would have.

III. The Art of Relationships

Attributes of a good relationship:

  • Selfless listening
  • Calm communication
  • Holding space for each other
  • Strong trust, no need to control
  • Authenticity, no need to perform
  • Rest, laughter, and adventure together
  • The love between you is empowering
  • Commitments to each other are clear
  • Flexible, no need to always be together
  • Both have the space to grow and change

Source: Yung Pueblo, Clarity & Connection

IV. What We’re Excited About

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V. Question

What am I missing by choosing to worry or be afraid?

VII. This Week, I Will

  1. Live my values.
  2. Limit interruptions.
  3. Keep my ego in check.
  4. Learn from my mistakes.
  5. Do the important things first.

The Last Words…

"The kindest people are not born that way,​ ​they are made. They are the souls that have experienced so much at the hands of life,​ ​they are the ones who have dug themselves out of the dark, who have fought to turn every​ ​loss into a lesson. The kindest people do notjust exist - they choose to soften where​ ​circumstance has tried to harden them, theychoose to believe in goodness, because they​ ​have seen firsthand why compassion is sonecessary. They have seen firsthand why​ ​tenderness is so important in this world."

― Bianca Sparacino, Author 

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