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We may not control everything life presents us, but we can refuse to be reduced and defeated by it.

Truth Telling is a newsletter that commits to uncovering the bare truths of life for all to see. It is our attempt to live inside the mental landscapes of the world’s elite thinkers.

“When I hear the word ‘mindfulness,’ to me, what it really means is intentionality. What I mean by that is — are you crafting, designing, and intentionally creating your life? Or are you just coasting in the passenger seat of your life, which is just dragging you and driving you wherever it’s taking you?”

― Jay ShettyOn Purpose

"Being a leader is about leading your own mind’s logic and leading your heart’s reason. Be cognizant of the decisions that your mind and heart make, and your life will be much more meaningful and rewarding."

― Najwa Zebian, Welcome Home

"What I advise you to do is, not to be unhappy before the crisis comes; since it may be that the dangers before which you paled as if they were threatening you, will never come upon you; they certainly have not yet come. Accordingly, some things torment us more than they ought; some torment us before they ought; and some torment us when they ought not to torment us at all. We are in the habit of exaggerating, or imagining, or anticipating, sorrow."

― Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

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