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When we expand, evolve, and stretch ourselves beyond yesterday's comfort, we grow in the present.

Truth Telling is a newsletter that commits to uncovering the bare truths of life for all to see. It is our attempt to live inside the mental landscapes of the world’s elite thinkers.

"We can’t become the best version of ourselves because we are still mourning our former self. My definition of greatness would be stepping outside of the box that others have built around you, and constantly becoming the greatest version of yourself. We have to constantly evolve and learn to fall in love with the evolutions of ourselves."

― Emmanuel Acho, Author & Fox Sports Analyst 

"Courage does not happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life."

― Shannon Adler, Author 

"When we think about boundaries, we think about them as something with someone else. A boundary could be a morning routine. A boundary could behaving some quiet time after lunch. That’s a personal boundary that you honor for yourself. And so that does bring you a lot of peace. And so when we think about boundaries, it’s not just all of these things that we need other people to do, it’s also what we need to do with ourselves."

― Nedra Tawwab, Set Boundaries, Find Peace

What We’re Reading Online

Take one glance at the headlines and it can feel pretty scary out there. “Inflation Soars to over 8.5%”...“Inverted Yield Curve Screaming Recession in 12 weeks.” Simply put, it’s exhausting keeping up with traditional financial media.

Good News: we come bearing the gift of calm, collected insights without the fearmongering: The Daily Upside. Some call it the closest thing to getting your MBA up in Cambridge — we like to think of The Daily Upside as our big-brained sidekick to help navigate the world of business and investing. 

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